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Office stationery lacks of brand support and enterprise is in the transition.

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-07

Office stationery was known as the last piece of cake in the Chinese culture goods industry, the number of stationery enterprise in China has been reached to more than 5,000. There are about 3,000 enterprises specializing in office stationery, the enterprises with the annual sales of 10 million is about 10%. With giant enterprises accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading, there will be some domestic monopoly national office stationery brand in the future. In the first-line market, the domestic powerful local brands will split the market with the foreign high-end brand; in the second-line or three-line market, it will be the local public brand and regional brands to splitting the market.


Office stationery lacks of well-known brand.


As we know, even the domestic office goods production is with great scale, this industry is still at the bottom of the international stationery industry chain, plays the part of the OEM enterprise. Products show in the situation of low level, low technology content, low added value and low price because of lacking of design and brand. One of the negative effects to be a enterprise with long-term and large number OEM orders, is lacking of influential international brand in China stationery industry. In the stationery enterprises respect, we are lack of famous stationery enterprise like the USA “STAPLES”; in stationery products respect, we are also lack of high-level brand like “Montblanc”. In fact, China’s manufacturing capacity has very little difference from the international high-level brand, and some international high-level stationery products even made in China. Besides, another negative effect is that China stationery enterprises are absence of controllable marketing channel, because it is basically controlled by large foreign manufacturers.


It can’t wait for the enterprise transition.


At present, the domestic office stationery industry is in the key moment of reshuffle, from vulgar management to the scaled and elaborated management. LPS stationery thinks that enterprise should pay attention to brand image and brand culture building and promotion, not only interacting with customers through the terminal, also shall be spread regional and national brand through film and television, advertising communication. 


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