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Holiday marketing, cultural goods promotion needs “the new recruit”

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-15

Every holiday season, sales promotion is necessary, no matter what kind of industry, they all stick together to do promotion, it is the best timing merchants improve the consumption strongly. In holiday, people don’t go to work and they have plenty of time to shop their favorite stationery goods.


However, how to make a new and different promotion activity among so many festivals? LPS stationery believes, the necessary innovation is necessary. In fact, both in stores and for merchants, should grasp the rule and opportunity of holiday, release the sales policies which can stimulate consumers’ purchasing desire and bring them most discount, in order to improve sales.


Before the labor day is coming, every shopping mart would announce preferential policies during May Day in advance. Not only need to subdivide the market, promotion also needs segment. Segment the purpose of promotion, such as increasing product awareness rapidly, increasing sales, and reducing inventory backlog. But it is important to note that it can’t have phenomenon like out of stock, as we all know, move his feet with a stone, it is very unreasonable behavior.


Many merchants have been prepared to this May Day holiday promotion activity, all kinds of “sales” “beyond the factory price” would be taken advantage of an opportunity. However, an utter sold is not a good policy to attract consumers. What can really attract consumers, in addition to the real discount, but also need to have certain marketing gimmick. In the face of the May Day holiday sales opportunity, stationery enterprises should pinpoint the right target consumer groups and pay attention to the student stationery quality, down to practical promotion plans.

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