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Canton fair: The indicator for stationery foreign trade

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-06

As the comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, highest level, largest scale, most complete items, most merchants and the best effect of deal, Canton fair now is held in Pazhou, Guangzhou. It has the function of being indicator for industry export. We can expect the year export situation during the Canton fair. For stationery industry, it also has the indicator function. So many stationery enterprises strive to shine on the exhibition.


We can see from this year’s situation, considering the current unstable exchange rate and high cost realistic problems, many enterprises would accept small order or short orders with lead time of 3 months, 6 months to avoid exchange rate risk, and to continue to maintain long-term business relationship with buyers. From the point of customer source, there are many orders coming from regular customers. New customers are with more cautious consciousness which affects the stationery export orders to a certain extent.


Affected by the factors such as the decreasing market share in Europe and the United States, the association of south-east Asian nations (ASEAN), South Africa, central Asia and other emerging markets become the new growth points with huge business opportunities. Many companies plan not only to know more purchasers from other countries and regions explore the emerging market, but also to do different market research regularly in the further. They also give product culture connotations according to the market demand. Only improving the understanding for emerging market, manufacturers can develop the most suitable products.


 In the face of the stagnant market and increasingly fierce peer competition, LPS stationery gets started to do change and plays the “innovation” card on the fair, while winning the public praise, it also wins many market orders. Some enterprises launch new stationery products which are highly favored by foreign buyers in one fell swoop because of the new style, good quality and creative idea. As for the weak bargaining power for low-end products, some enterprises have targeted the high-end market in the first place to avoid risk. Enterprise improved research and design aspect from appearance, colors and quality, etc. to make new products show more novelty and promoted buyer bargaining ability.


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