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Stationery e-commerce development and socialization marketing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-19


The growing development of electronic commerce, let more and more stationery stores began the exploration.It is necessary to know more about how to direct contact with consumers then to gain the real ideas.There are more and more enterprises attract the attention online through online social media.It is a way to do the marketing online,sales,public relations through the SNS,blog,baike and so on.Not matter the Facebook,Twitter or the weibo,blog,picture wesite ect.SNS has changed the communication between people.
Social media has made the information more transparency.It is differecult contact with the buyers and get feedback from consumers before use the social media.In addtion,all the enterprises are in the face of many problems such as environmental,product standard and the  rights and interests of consumers and employees.It have be more careful in the Internet.Stationery manufacturers want to attract more consumers,it is necessary pay more attention to the relations and the content.
Relationship marketing 
Relationship marketing are the promotion through the word of mouth.Social marketing is the the online relationship marketing.The receivers of information can be secondary distributors.Everyone is the transmitter.So that the social marketing is the relationship marketing.The research has shown that the effective of share from friends is useful than the adveritising.And the people always inclined to recommend from friends whether online or offline.So that be a friend of the people online is very useful.
Content marketing
It is very important to share what contant to the people for office suppliers.Most of them are share the new stationery proudcts or the latest news to the people with the popular elements and show in the picture and words.
Stationery factories should pay more attention to what is the new for netizens and how to make good job.Of course,enterprises also need to analyze the in favor of consumer.
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