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The 117th Canton fair phase 3 opens and LPS stationery attends continuously for 23 times.

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-01

On May 1st in every year, the international Labor Day is carried out to coincide with the spring Canton fair phase 3. LPS stationery shows at the 117th Canton fair on time. Till now, LPS stationery has been took part in the fair for 23 times constantly.



As we all know, not only is the Canton fair a important platform to show the enterprise strength, it also searches products and evaluate supplier for overseas clients. In addition to the promotion of brand image, product innovation is also the focus of the enterprise taking part in the show. Under the circumstances of weak demand in the global market, high labor cost and other disadvantageous factors, many China foreign trade enterprises speed up the transformation and upgrading, at the some time, breaks on the Canton fair way.



On current fair, LPS stationery shows with concise and high-end professional image as usual. In the face of the stagnant market and increasingly fierce peer competition, LPS stationery gets started to do change and plays the “innovation” card on the fair, it brings more kinds of correction products with new style, good quality, bright colors, unique creative idea. During the exhibition, LPS staff meets the clients all over the world with positive attitude and enthusiastic service.



Affected by the factors such as the decreasing market share in Europe and the United States, the association of south-east Asian nations (ASEAN), South Africa, central Asia and other emerging markets become the new growth points with huge business opportunities. Many companies plan not only to know more purchasers from other countries and regions explore the emerging market, but also to do different market research regularly in the further. They also give product culture connotations according to the market demand. LPS stationery understands the market and consumers demand timely and promote the products upgrading through taking part in long-term and fixed fairs, promoting company products, building company image.


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