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OEM service makes the China stationery industry surrender the brand

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

As we all know, China has strong ability on the processing and manufacturing of stationery, it has become the world’s most important stationery producer. China stationery products have many varieties kinds, the output comes top stationery are folder, wallet, staplers, pen, pencil, ball pen, punching machine, stationery, correction tape, etc.


However, stationery enterprises are lack of research and development in our country, the absence of key core technology and invention of some stationery condition is relatively serious, it also didn’t pass the high-end dry written material and ink manufacturing, heavily rely on import. The consequences of the lack of core technology research and development makes our stationery products highly homogenized, and too much repeat products also cause resource waste and the low level competition, even malignant competition and low economic benefit. In recent years, the gross profit margin is only around 13; net interest rate remained at about 3%.


The export-oriented degree is very high in China stationery industry, At present, in the USA and Europe market, 80% stationery products are made in China. But due to most stationery manufacturers are lack of the technical innovation and brand awareness, makes the China stationery industry taking foreign OEM service as the core for long time, the share for industry OEM/ODM of the total exports even up to above 70%.


One of the negative effects for the long-term and large number of OEM is that the stationery industry is lack of influential international brand in China. In the stationery enterprises respect, we are lack of famous stationery enterprise like the USA “STAPLES”; In stationery products respect, we are also lack of high-level brand like “Montblanc”. In fact, China’s manufacturing capacity has very little difference from the international high-level brand, and some international high-level stationery products even made in China. Besides, another negative effect is that China stationery enterprises are absence of controllable marketing channel, because it is basically controlled by large foreign manufacturers.


In other words, the traditional pattern of OEM service is actually do “wedding dress” for others, makes the enterprises with strength shout with no noise. Fortunately, many stationery manufacturers have realized the importance of the industry brand, and they have begun to exert influence on brand building and build brand awareness.

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