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Stationery shop sells electronic cigarette, sales scope is about to be inspected

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

There are news report,a few days ago, many stationery shop sell toys like cigarette,spit it out after a whiff of smoke, many pupils bought it and smoked properly.It is a fruit taste cigarette students bought, similar appearance to real cigarette, can also spit out the smoke ring.Pupil is the biggest consumer group. We doubt,children have strong imitation ability, but lack of true and false sense, they are learning smoke like adults, is this not guiding the students to try the real cigarette?


Experts pointed out that the ingredient of this “cigarette” is can’t be determined, so we are not sure about if it is effective to healthy, but certainly effect the mentality.If the children don’t feel enough for the electronic cigarette, then they might try the real one,so we can say it is unfavorable for the pupil healthy growth,then why the stationery shops are still selling?


In fact, when you pay attention to the reports about regulating the school around stationery shop, it is easy to find out the stationery shop is selling illegal product or even exceed the stationery products.”Electronic cigarette” is not necessarily illegal but due to the students healthy, the shop owener should stop selling consciously.


For most stationery dealers,the greatest degree of expanding the sales scope is also from expanding the store profits. But expanding the business scope blindly is irrational behavior. One the one hand, it is not conducve to the professional image shaping, on the other hand,it would cause chaos for the stationery development. Even would bring bad experience for consumers. So for stationery dealers and wholesales, it is necessary to restrain its business scope and choose the reasonable and regular stationery products consciously. Only in this way can set up a positive image for the shop and keep it developing healthily while making profit.


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