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Fans’ marketing is the new marketing model fulcrum for stationery enterprise

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-30

Today’s new media is getting developed, and to use the huge potential of the new media to drive marketing effectiveness is understandable. How to use the new forces such as Internet to create an effective promotional channel for stationery brand? Fans’ marketing is one of the fulcrums.


The first condition of fans’ marketing is to have a fan group, in this great age of the Internet, the traditional marketing way has been upset, and you can only follow the market development to master the market. Thus all walks of life began to develop their brand’s “big fan”, to prevent them from being left behind.


The “fans economy” performance in all fields, are based on the collection of identity. However, the sense of identity can only provide the first heat, it can’t provide lasting power consumption, if the office stationery enterprise wants to keep “fans economy” continues, to improve the product quality is the most important thing to do. “Fans economy” is just a frame, a ticket, what is most important is the persistent construction of stationery enterprise. Thus, if stationery enterprise wants to get out of the bottleneck, the effective prescription is the strong comprehensive strength, but not the deific fans economy theory.


To make comprehensive strength, the student stationery enterprise should pay attention to the product firstly. Good product is the foundation, not only to make better product, also to make “surprise” product. The key to make “surprise” product is to focus on only one point, which is user’s demand and question. At the same time, the good product should be thoughtful. In reality, the man who can capture a large number of fans is the one who can bring fans strong ideological identity.


So to speak, fans are parts of stationery enterprise brand. Managing fans is managing the brand. We can try to allow more users to participate in the stationery product design, marketing and operation. In fact, enterprise needs to find out the direction and key in the development, so to take fans as a fulcrum to leverage the Internet marketing is also understandable.


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