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Which creative stationery is the best? Let’s see on the exhibition

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

Soon, the China import and export commodities fair( Canton Fair) will be held in Guangzhou pazhou,from April 15th,2015 to May 5th,2015, it is the comprehensive international trade event with longest history, highest level, largest scale, most complete variety of commodity, most merchants and best selling effect. This 117th Cantonfair with 3 periods will give us more wonderful products. Office stationery as Chinese traditional manufacturing industry will also be in the third period show finale, LPS Stationery will also participate in this session of Canton fair, at that time, will bring the newest office stationery for the guests.


As we all know, trade fair is an effective platform for the enterprises to show the general merchants. For the domestic stationery enterprises, trade fair is a powerful and important way to promote the brand. In the traditional stationery export activities, trade fair is the best effective way to establish business relationship with foreign merchants. So for stationery supplier, it become very important about how to show its strength and set up th company’s image, so as to meet more potential customers. It’s known that in recent years, creative stationery products will be a highlight of the exhibition. Many stationery enterprises attract merchants’ attention through showing originality. So here comes the question, which is the best creative stationery enterprise? LPS believes many student stationery enterprises are worth waiting for.


The stationery industry competition is intense. Stationery factories release so many new stationeries every year to attract customers’ attention, not only on upgrading the appearance, but also research and developing the new function and material; the manufacturers spent so much to give people a new and fresh feeling. And to see these ideas about stationery, we can see at once through the fair. Stationery exhibition is the effective platform to show company strength, establish company image and attract the potential customers, it is also the effective way to gather information and analyze the market with other suppliers.


Exhibition is a good platform to find new product and new service; it has great benefit for enterprises to do the market research job. Here, you can learn the peer information, grasp the trend and rule of the peers’ development, to determine the correct development strategy for the enterprise, besides, some industry exhibitions also hold a large number of forum and seminar to learn industry information. It is also the powerful way to gather the competitor’s products, price and marketing strategy, and helps enterprises develop in the near future and long-term planning.


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