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Lavish gifts from Lepusheng gift stationery series

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-12

Nowadays,there are lots of products designed with idea of fashionable and very colorful,unique become the biggest characteristic of the students stationery.These stationery with creative,fashion or brand are going to the gift industry.Stationery product has alread sent out as gift.In recent year,the stationery with the fashion,creative,environmental protection.Same as the gift.That is why the gift stationery become one of important stationery of office supplies.


Stationery products sell well in the gift market.It is also suggest the consumption idea are changing.In the pursuit of individual character style times,stationery manufacturers only to follow the trend that create greater enonomic benefits.Stationery industry turn into the era of qualitative change.It is a good chance for stationery factory to get the money.Lepusheng also can't miss it.Here is the "lavish gift" in Lepusheng :



LPS #8589 lucky doll with 14ML.Japan and Korea style correction fluid.The fruity bottle with blessing appearance.It is the best gift for the children.Joke around the correction fluid bring the good lucky.This kind of correction product.Showing happy and lucky absolutely.(Click to view more)



LPS #9769 Paris bear mini correction tape with 6M.Encounter in the romantic autumn with the different region feelings.Soft color with the lively theme.Simple an honest with bear pattern,the mini pocket correction tape model.And the children will cling to it .(Click to view more)



LPS #9662 correction tape with rotary floret.The translucent correction tape model with the same blister card design.Interesting student stationery with the fresh and creative.The rotating like windmll in the wind.It should popular to the children.(Click to view more)


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