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Purchasing unified stationery for college entrance examination, to keep more security for stationery quality.

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-29

Recently, the Henan province department of education released <<The notice about how to do a good job of common colleges and universities to recruit students in 2015>>, compared with the previous notice, the one in this year has one more regulation: To strengthen the examination system safety, the university entrance exam candidates are not allowed to use their own stationeries, the required stationeries are responsible for the examination district.


The main reason for university entrance exam uniform distribution of stationery is to prevent cheating. But also protect the examination to avoid the affect from the bad quality stationery. The reports in recent years show, there still are much problem stationery hiding in stationery market. Such as counterfeiting 2b pencil, ruler scale error, etc. these problem stationeries are most the ones without production date, certification or manufacturer. Students can hardly aware of the existence of these stationeries when choosing their stationeries, but just this kind of stationery might affect your career in the future directly. Therefore, the skills to learn how to choose the regular stationery are necessary.


For a long time, LPS stationery shares many articles about how to choose the safety stationery correctly on the official website, such as <<LPS warns: how to choose stationery for primary and middle school students scientifically? >>,<<The opening guidelines: the safety knowledge for necessary stationery>>,<<LPS popularizes: how to identify student stationery quality? >>,You can learn a lot about scientific information from this shared knowledge.


Stationery quality is the key of the stationery manufacturers, and the development of stationery industry makes the fierce competition in the industry increasingly. But the factory should not reduce the quality to lower cost just for sales. We need to know, the product quality is not only the core of the brand building, but also is the foundation of brand building, further more, it is the power for stationery enterprises to develop healthily. Stationery enterprise should establish quality consciousness and thus to improve product quality, complete the stationery brand construction, rather than to reduce the necessary material, or to cheat on consumers, so as to cut off its brand development.



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