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The deep reform of the stationery enterprises needs to overturn the manufacturing’s defects

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-09

The development of the cultural goods exposed many disadvantages in the traditional manufacturing industry. To keep the industry developing healthily and orderly, the reform is urgently needed. The traditional stationery industry develops under the national conditions for many years, so it has a lot of traditional manufacturing problems, such as the severe price competition, fake goods piles, bad market control and so on. The deep reform of the stationery enterprises needs to overturn the manufacturing’s defects.


Improving the innovation consciousness


Stationery industry mature brought competition in the industry, followed by the homogeneity of the industry. The current industry has so many similar whether the product appearance, enterprises connotation and the services. For the small and medium-sized enterprises to stand out of the crowd, they need to improve the capacity of continuous innovation, technology research and development.


Paying attention to protecting the patent system


In the valuation of many enterprises in China, there is also the status quo of a lack of respect for innovators and inventors.In the stationery circle, people can easily tell the CEO of the company, but for the corporate Chief Designer, very few people knew. If the product design is not being respected and protected, there will be no one willing to innovate.Every one copys on the low level and do the price competition, the innovation system is hard to establish, result in the enterprise develops without Commanding Heights, whether enterprises or consumers, should pay attention to patent protection system as a whole.


Improving the talent management system


The stationery business management costs, trust between enterprises and employees, emplyees motivation and innovation ability are important factors in competitiveness. Nowadays, many stationery companies’ management nature is still control, they only take one or two keymen into account,and there still are a large number of grass-roots workers and technical workers are not paid attention to.


Whether a stationery enterprise can improve its business or not, the key lies in the internal management, It would enhance the vitality and competitiveness of student stationery enterprises through internal reform and promoting from within. If we don’t attach importance to talent and do deep change on internal management, it would be empty words if the Chinese stationery wants to promote bigger and stronger.


Therefore, in the context of the continued competition, stationery enterprises must to do more effort on the “made in China” and management. Only to strengthen all aspects of the management, can make the whole enterprise development to a higher level.


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