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To buy stationery, is the expensive one is the right one?

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-28

Every coming new term in every year, it will bring an “open economy”, student supplies will be the focus of the hot sells. Whether the stationery retailers or stationery supplier, they both will pay highly attention to make good activities to assist sales to the next level.


For the brand stationery agent, they don’t worry about the supplies. Manufacturers will deliver new items directly and they would also according to the season and the situation around before delivery. The gold sales period in every year is the spring and autumn opening. Especially in autumn September, it is the beginning of the new school year, many students would get new stationeries, demand rose and so are sales. The bad sales items can be returned and changed. The follow-up service is generally difficult to keep up with if it is any other unknown brands. In addition, there are still some imported stationery with good reputation and sales in the market, of course with a higher price than the homemade ones.


Although some stationery which looks beautiful is with a not beautiful price, but there are still some parents paying for children frequently. Due to the current state of most Chinese families have only one child, so many after-80th parents want to provide the best things for the children, thus many parents still would like to pay even though the price is high. Because most parents have the same thought, is the product quality is everything, not the price. So here comes a question, if the expensive stationery is the best stationery?


Actually the answer is no, even for imported stationery, there is also quality issue, so consumers can’t have excessive superstition on expensive stationery. Admittedly, expensive stationery matches quality guarantee of all kinds of businesses, in the process of production, transportation, sales it needs to cost more. But parents should keep the rational while choosing stationery. Due to the stationery market competition is intense, in order to attract consumer attention, stationery manufacturer will continue to retrofit stationery products and follow the trend of the fashion. It is irrational consumption behavior that to pursuit fashion to buy stationery.


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