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The particular development and change of the correction tape

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

The development of the stationery market become divided increasingly, many stationery enterprises have their own professional development space, some are focus on pens, some are focus on writing books. For LPS, it is the one focus on correction products such as correction tape and correction fluid. In the long development, LPS also witness the evolution of the correction tape. Please allow LPS stationery introduces the development and the change of the correction tape for you as below:


Correction tape is one of the common student stationeries, mainly used to correct the wrong character in the process of studying or working in office. With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more consumers have higher request for the stationery products.


Change One: Much appearance

The ordinary practical correction tape doesn’t attract consumers’ eyeball like before, so recently, stationery manufacturer do a lot on the appearance of the correction tape. Base on the correction tape with umbrella shape, bear shape, earphone shape, south Korean star sticker shape, we can tell the correction tape design is following fashion element and era, more suitable for the young people.


Change Two: Functional product

Of cause it would attract more consumers if the product appearance is beatiful, but if too much, that is not good. However, the one with “second function” such as business card storage box, the function to help the phone to stand, with comb would be much welcomed by many consumers.


Change Three: Wide varieties

The types of products are getting more and more because of the products subdvision. From the familiar replaceable belt with core to the non-replaceable belt with core, from the large capacity to the mini type, the exam series grey coating with core and eye protecting yellow coating correction tape. The scope of application of products is more and more because of the segmentation.


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