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Popular stationery misleads children, and health environment needs to be strengthened.

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-27

In recent years, with the development of culture goods, stationery manufacturers are in the battle of competition, the consumers have too many to deal with the updated stationeries. However, at the same time the manufacturers follow fashion trends, there are also many product design elements which are not suitable for primary and middle school students’ physical and mental development. As learning little helper, stationery product is unavoidable “responsibility” to create a healthy develop space for children. Let’s take a look at which stationery is bad for children’s physical and mental health development?


To talk about the emotion freely.

Walking on the street, it is easy to find out, the notebook for primary and middle school students was written disgusting love poems, and it talks about the beauty of love freely. For some student journals, there also written love guide, zodiac constellation love match, such as these are out of proportion to primary and middle school students’ physical and mental healthy growth. These stationeries with the love element is not adapted to the student specific group obviously.


Primary and middle school students are in a period of growth and development, their mind and bodies is not yet mature, also don’t know too much about love. But because the person is product of the environment, people’s thinking will be affected by the environment. In this way, they would receive this aspect of early emotional education directly or indirectly. If the abstract concepts of love, feelings appear in their eyes for long time, it would have subtle influence on their thinking. So LPS stationery calls on the stationery manufacturers should pay attention to that if the emotion description on stationery is too much, if so, it is appropriate for students to use.


To use fashionable network buzzword.

The grassroots network hot words would be used widely after hyped in the young group, but this is not encouraged manufacturers to take it as stationery design material. On the contrary, most network hot words are contrary to the traditional words meaning, so they are not fond of some language experts. Even some hot words are forbidden to appear in television and radio.


As we know that the plasticity of the student body and mind is very big, in the process of students’ growth, should let them to accept some health thought, but not in violation of the rules of recognizing things. In fact, the manufacturers didn’t do wrong to build an education environment to strengthen the puberty physiological and psychological. But from the essence, it is total different from advertising love and emotion.


Since the primary and middle school students have no ability to understand things correctly, they would see the words naturally after bought the stationery. So the problem is not whether the students should look or not, but if the stationery manufacturer should produce. To solve this problem, firstly, producer should know it is not reasonable on thought, for students’ sake, producer should print some catchphrase, mathematical formula, safety knowledge on stationery. Such not only can increase students’ knowledge, can also build a healthy and civilized environment for them. At the same time, the law enforcement authorities also need to do a good job of marketing management.


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