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The coming Canton Fair would help stationery exhibitor to find business opportunities.

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-25

The Canton fair is carried out on schedule now in Guangzhou pazhou. This biggest exhibition in China is referred to the barometer gauge for foreign trade, has brought attention of domestic and export enterprises. In recent years, Canton fair gets developed along with the Internet because of the E-commerce and it brings bigger business opportunities for exhibitors. For stationery supplies, no doubt that Canton fair is a good platform to get export orders, now it contacts internet comprehensively, could bring much more business opportunities for stationery exhibitor.


With the rapid development of electronic commerce, the Canton fair suffered a double challenge of reality and virtual world. How to make this global reputation of exhibition brand continues to maintain high status? In recent years, Canton fair is also self-renewal; it has different level from other general E-commerce on using E-commerce platform. Actually, early since 2012, Canton fair electronic commerce company exists, with the help of the internet technology, the fair can help the overseas exhibitors to find the right purchaser in domestic quickly and accurately by using the global reputation and procurement and supply resources which is saved for years.


This time, the Canton fair opening press conference adopts the global online video broadcast for first time, it has led to the propaganda the endeavor online merchants in the domestic exhibition industry. By report, the fair official Face book account has more than 100000 people since launched in September 2014. This year, it added French and Spanish versions, and together with the English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese version which are opened in last year. Now available language has reached 5, it will boost the Canton fair overseas influence of continued ascension. It also enlarges the Canton fair influence by combining with the Internet comprehensively.


So to speak, the advent of the era is a new challenge and it also the new opportunity to enlarge influence. With the help of the electronic platform, acting as a role similar to a new online intermediary, will gradually achieve full-year 365 days “day off” trade operations, with the advantages of accumulating high-quality buyers and suppliers, as well as a hallmark of the Canton fair and the power of electronic business, we can say the Canton fair can bring the culture products suppliers much more opportunities if it works with electronic business with much more close “touch”.


How do the stationery manufacturers get more business opportunities in this case? LPS stationery believes it should perfect the enterprise over the overseas internet while completing the fair service if you want to keep pace with the time. To follow the example of Canton fair and to improve the SNS platform can use fair platform to contact with foreign exhibitor further.


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