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Mini Special: LPS 90097 mini correction tape with four kinds of gray color combination suit for exam using

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

In order to give consumers better stationery products, LPS stationery always develops new function for the products with great concentration; it would bring customers new experience. LPS stationery launch new product and provide customers the most fashionably and trendy stationery products every month. Exam special series product is the welfare which LPS stationery brings for the “Student party”, grey color correction tape with core will make your test paper with an unobtrusive error. As below, LPS is bringing you a dedicated test mini tape:



LPS 90097 mini correction tape with 4 kinds of grey color combination suit(16M), is different from the traditional fixed with white coating, this grey coating tape is more suitable for the test paper. Four different gray color is suitable for more different grey shade test paper.



Translucent frosted shell surface, small and exquisite modeling, makes the correction tape more texture. This four grey combination suit correction tape plays the grey colors game well with the wider applicability and stronger practicability. It is easy to carry because the mini shape doesn’t occupy too much space.



According to the different territory and material, test papers have different grey color level, LPS four grey color combination suit for exam using could help you to keep the test paper clean with different grey color coating. LPS initiates the newspaper color correction tape with core, and this new concept shows the innovation consciousness of the enterprise. Creating for exam using, avoiding the abrupt error on test paper, really a good helper on every test.


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