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What kind of stationery has hidden danger?

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

For parents, the child's health is very important for sure. Stationery products, as learning tools to always stay with the children, the security relates to the development of children's physical and mental health, therefore many students or parents attach great attention to the security of the stationery when they are choosing.


It is easy to find out, now most school things are with toy-like appearance, many parents buy them because the children like the cute appearance, but there are many parents don't know this kind of stationery have the hidden danger problem. So, what kind of the stationery has this issue?


1.The ones with aroma

Many primary students specify buying varieties with fragrance while buying the ball-point pen, rubber and other items. And there are also many fragrance, such as sweet orange, strawberry, etc. The experts pointed out that the primary students are inquisitive, naughty and hard to concentrate; they are easy to be attracted by the stationery with fragrance when they are having classes. In the meantime, there are multiple harmful chemicals included in correction fluid, they would cause stimulation to eyes. In addition, some students have the habit of sucking fingers; it is easy to let the toxic ingredients getting into the body, causing chronic poisoning directly or indirectly.


2. The ones with small volume.

Presently, most plastic cover and pencils are printed with cartoon character, and some erasers are flavored. Then, if the children are playing eraser which is smaller, or run into the small parts of the pens, they would likely to eat, swallow, and choke cough and choke, and even cause suffocation accidents.


Lepusheng stationery suggests, please don't buy the small volume stationery or the ones with small parts for children, because children will be likely to cause choking and suffocation if they put the small part into the mouth. In addition, not only observe the stationery itself, but also pay some attention to the warning marks or warning message on the package. Such as “Warning! It contains small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years old and use”, in order to determine whether a child is suitable for using this type of stationery.


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