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The battle for stationery market in the future is from selling products to sell the culture

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09


As the macroeconomic characteristics of excess production capacity became apparent, homogeneous product market competition heats up, can only win the market through the enterprise culture of soft power. Different from the small and medium-sized stationery enterprises staying in the primary stage of development, a lot of stationery enterprises have become big companies from selling the initial category, selling products, selling brand to now selling the culture, they are now preparing opening a branch to leaf through the power of culture and building a world famous national brands.


Just like the status quo of a lot of small and medium stationery enterprises, they would run around the products to complete the initial accumulation of capital in their beginning of creation. But after a long time, the disadvantages of this kind of development model increasingly exposed, when they produce sales of hundreds of millions of pieces of “popular” stationery, there would be lots of “copy” items show in this competitive market at the same time, with all the market rushing forward to the same product, the product would be obsolete very soon. It also make many office stationery enterprises sigh with emotion, making products is just like fireworks, the business cycle is short and dividend passes in an instant, and they also face the continual issue of “copy” and tort.


Therefore in the stationery market, the enterprises should learn how to keep them developing healthily and orderly and protect themselves from the tort issue. The large stationery companies targeted in the brand building and shaping corporate culture on the road. The benefits came from the brand effect is self-evident, in any industry, the ones with public praise is easier to get the attention of consumer and their favor.


If the enterprise immersed in a competition of low price, sooner or later it would be eliminated by the market, and if it keeps developing new products, and will make itself trapped by the copy and tort issue. The best way to differentiate this method is to build their own enterprise culture.


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