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Stationery industry is developing quietly and orderly

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

The consumption market prospect of the China stationery is obvious to all of us, although the stationery is small, but the potential market is big. In addition to the state-owned enterprises and institutions, professional and technical personnel of various government agencies and enterprise on-the-job personnel need office stationery, school pupils and middle school students across the country, all kinds of professional students, students, including students, graduate students, adult programs, these people formed a huge cultural goods consumption. As a emerging and professional market, the market of student stationery supplies have a large potential.


The consumers have relative small consideration on the practicability and price, they would consider the products idea and style more often, especially in relatively developed area like the south coastal areas of China, and consumers have higher loyalty of brand. This also illustrates the concept of consumer change. In the era of pursuing individual differences, only the stationery manufacturer followed, they can occupy the larger consumer market, to achieve maximum economic benefit. The reason of the student stationery updates and develops constantly, is because the products have been transformed from the practical past to fashionably nowadays, products’ added value now from independent to multi-brand development, this is also the biggest reason for so many businesses are scrambling to develop new products.


Along with the domestic stationery now promoting independent brand strategy, the stationery industry is transiting to higher level gradually. Enterprise brand planning and product research and development personnel needs a substantial increase, stationery enterprises professional can be further subdivided into conforms to the position of the operation of the brand and product combined with market economy competition is intense, some stationery design companies should seize this opportunity to realize their own upgrade, geared to the needs of market demand, digging their own design advantage, and pursued the trend of The Times, to speed up the stationery design innovation cycle, more need to constantly develop new design talent, and promote the stationery design industry healthy development.


There still are many office stationery enterprises building their own R&D center, creating their own brands, realizing the transformation of from scratch, from factory to industrial park. They are doing their best to occupy a place in domestic and abroad market, the industry development is proceeding quietly and orderly.


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