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Adjustment for Stationery Export Enterprises to rebirth is necessary

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

For traditional stationery export enterprises, the industry competition means that the industry reshuffle is intensified.There is no doubt that the stationery enterprises faced a transformation, and to meet better tomorrow, enterprise needs to adjust in time during the process of development.


The export environment is facing huge changes


In the past, Chinese manufacturing industry has the four advantages of low human costs, low land costs, tax concessions, environmental cost. As long as the traditional stationery export enterprises have good price, they can occupy a place in the export market.Now with the change of export environment and the domestic high cost all the way, more and more traditional stationery enterprises feel much heavier on the development way.The past "miracle" doesn't work in today's market anymore, export environment changes forced the stationery manufacturer to do some enterprise transformation.

The new generation take in charge for the domestic market.


Domestic market is growing year by year, it makes many traditional businesses have an emphasis on foreign trade market, but it's not easy to catch up with the changes in the domestic market.With the coming of the new era, the Post-80s and the Post-90s, have become the main consumption, they are the generations associated with the Internet growing, have different consumption habits from the Post-60s and the Post 70s. In the future there will be no popular star in China market, all people live in their own small circle, this is called " the spheres of economic for the Post-80s".If the stationery business owners don't understand the two younger generations, or with a very low the Post-80s in his senior management team, that would be no good for  the growth of the enterprise.


Stationery enterprises need to adjust timely


Stationery enterprises need to adjust timely .Firstly, focus on creating more value for the user, for most enterprises, it means heavy vertical on the product, make  itself to become a professional company. In a narrow market, an enterprise which makes specific products will never lose the core competitiveness. Secondly, for the customer relationship, to let all the stakeholders involved,including O2O, community scene or C2B long tail manufacturing. To promote efficiency and reduce distance by Internet. no matter it is information flow, logistics flow, or cash flow, let the users get what they want with minimal action and most convenient way.


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