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Stationery brand puzzles:Conflict between OEM and own branding

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-04

In recent years,with the market increasing competition,office supplies has made the low profit and there is around 10% of average profit margin in the stationery industry.

Considered with  the value chain,every stationery enterprise would like keep the development position of the "smiling curve".But in fact,we are still at the bottom of value chain.


At the both ends of the "Smail curve",at one end is the development and design,at the other end is branding and channel.In the R&D,there are many export manufacturer has always been spared no effort to imporve their design level.But brand construction is a weakness of the export processing enterprise.There is the conflict  between the OEM enterprise and the positioning for the brand construction and channel building.Because the customes has already did the brands and channels,there will have competition if the exporting stationery manufacturer make the brand construction.


In the past,There are more than 60%~70% products for export in Jiangsu and Zhejiang (Province).Most of them were provided the design by costomer then looking for the processing factory make OEM production.But as the time goes by,some companies have not satisfied to earn a meager profit processing.They would like to create their own brand.And it is obvious more suitable to the domestic market.After taken a roundabout route, it is improtant for the enterprise to make the well-positioned and find the market voids.


"How to make the position for the product?It is a problem for the foreign trade enterprise.We require only do the easy sample processing,and never needed to study the demand of consumer."said the business manager who work for the notebook foreign exporting trade in Shenzhen. He said that the company as well as other stationery processing manufacturer,and now create the own brand. After several adjustments,the domestic market is getting clear slowly.


The next problem is choose what kinds of sales network.Domestic sale modes facing the same challenges.Although there isdepend on the well-known of the marketplace,the brand propaganda also be required.How to make the product positioning?how to do well the media communications and pull the sale by the advertising?It is knowledge about many." Brand construction is not as easy as exproting,but it is on the top of the value chain,and with the power voice,higher profit and stronger control".


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