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Network consumption maybe the mainstream in the future

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-05


         The development of electronic commerce, makes people buy things without  leaving home .And many stationery enterprises gradually develop online sales, e-commerce can not only develop a business sales channels, but also a effective method to get information from each other face to face.Especially when the after 80 and 90 increasingly become the main consumers, consumer idea is becoming more and more changeable,so how do stationery manufacturers seize the consumers' real demands?The formation of new major consumers means that the change of demand, personalized consumption maybe the a new wave in the development of  industry in the future.


          When searching keywords on the retail website , you can search out about  4.4398 million pieces of related products, and this data  is 911000 pieces in 2010.It is easy to find, from clothes to furniture, from stationery to diamond, from a care package to the travel plan ,they are all can customized and becoming more and more.Faced with huge amounts of personalized consumer demand, many keen forerunner actively explore, and preliminary grope for the effective strategy: to produce various goods to satisfy personalized needs;Standardized products combined with personalized services;Combined modular commodity with customer self-service;According to the requirements of personalized demands, etc.



           In fact,it is not strange to order stationery products which the consumers need for lots of stationery manufacturers, many manufacturers can accept overseas orders is based on the pattern of OEM mode of production, they used to be familiar with custom production.While it is different from the accepting overseas order of production.First of all ,it must can not compare with the large purchasers from overseas, so in the domestic market,is personalized stationery workable?Custom type of consumption depends on the development of the network,it can be said that  the network is a platform of supporting the growth of the vast amounts of personalization.Many e-commerce service platform, collect the vast amounts of  personalized demands, goods and services  together with very low interest , and through the search technology, social media, etc., to make it possible for huge amounts of personalized consumption.


            In the aggressive environment, personalized business is hard to develop.Because the market is fragmented,it will spend too much cost to open a shop in each one area.So if want to do small business, be sure to use the Internet. Although the network is still in  the stage of  the massive amounts of personalized consumption , it also need a long time for the expansion and development of huge amounts of personalized consumption in the further .But this show features will become an important factor to promote electronic retailing group to change profoundly ,so that electronic retailing should cause enough attention to it .


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