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Student stationery with beautiful market,tranditional model face challenge

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-08

The data from national bureau of statistics shows that there are about 314 million chidren under the age of 14 in current China.The insiders analysis:"There are appear increasing in the domestic consumption of teenage children stationery,and keep the rapid growing,this market is far from saturation period,so that,it is the greater broad market compared with adult office stationery market."
Industry insiders said that student stationery is not only the consumption industries,but also a creative industry.its rapid development with a lot of attention.In the office supplies,student stationery is the last "cake"of this market.

Some people said that students stationery is a "low threshold" field, but become a well-know brand at this industry needs hard work."Low threshold,low profit","fast enter and fast out" is the  familiar view for most stationery insiders.That is why the student stationery attract variour kinds of enterpirses with different background.But it is difficult to have a leading brand.

Low threshold also means the low profit.At present,stationery channel still can not into the counties.It also make the brand stationery into a limited market.Student stationery sales traditional model is being challenged,and there are so many different new marketing.

In addition to the traditional department stores, brand monopolized shop and the brand chain stores.Some new marketing model gradually accepted by consumers and it also have the fast growth.Such as the marketing combination of online and offline market,cartoon marketing,public activities marketing,and multiple brands marketing.Its market effect is gradually revealed.

Industry insiders revealed that at present,some stationery brand use the cartoon characters marketing,it is gain the authorization of famous cartoon characters such as Disney etc;Or they have own cartoon image and stationery business.Than to do the relative cartoon for own cartoon image.Now,they are many new stationery enterprise with brand are do the original cartoons design in stationery than to find the suitabale ways for themselves.

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