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Life tips: Lepusheng show you how to use a correction fluid

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-12


           Correction fluid is a stationery product that is suitable for covering the wrong content on the paper and rewrite it.When crrecting the content at ordinary times, if you accidentally touch the fluid on the hand,then it may be too hard to wash off for several days.Here Lepusheng stationery can share with you a little secret about it.Use a inunction to quickly remove it , so do you know the principle?



          The solvent in the inunction dissolve the correction fluid.


          First let's take a look at the main components of the correction fluid.The correction fluid is mainly composed of titanium pigment, adhesive and solvent (ethyl acetate); And the inunction is the main composed of drugs, incense and solvent (paraffin oil).The solvent in both of them can dissolve other substances.


           It is just a liquid when it is squeezed out, after besmear on surfaces, solvent volatilize soon, then the glue stick titanium dioxide on the surface.At this time, you can coat the inunction with it,then the original solvent in it will add in the correction fluid to dissolve the glue and titanium dioxide, so that the correction fluid will restore its liquid state, so that it can be easy to be erase.Then apart from the inunction,but what are other solvents that can erase correction fluid?


           After our repeated experiments,it proved that inunction paint thinners, nail polish remover and gasoline can wipe away the dust in the correction fluid out of the hand.But paint thinners, nail polish remover and gasoline contains material are all harmful to the skin.In comparison,so that the harmless inunction is your preferred choice.


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