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Strange stationery cycle:why can not improve sales in promotion ?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-03


Promotion take a big market share to the stationery shopkeeper in the current market.No mattere it is active or passive,the biggest profits is consumer.And merchant should feeling helpless.
And now,there is hard to improve the sales under the student stationery promotion.Why?There are following proint made hard sales in promotion: too complex for promotion ways;unsuitable products;bad controls in the time.And the stationery enterprises must make clear that consumers will never to buy don't need products as they need other.The value of gift should always lower than the main products.
Avoid playing digital concept 
The way of promotions should be easy and simple.It is important let the consumer know that the main concept of promotion.Too complicated number not only make the merchants to calculate trouble,but also let the consumer should think a lot.It is no benefit for each other.
Promtion should suit to hte product positioning
It is necessary to choose some products position suit to the promotion.If the location is not allowed, would be counterproductive.Stationery manufacturers should to keep the suitable promotion and  absolutely no damage to the product positioning.
There is the "gold pricing" law in marketing.It follows the idea of product promotion always in the way to mining potential customers.Stationery enterpries should to improve the value of products through improve the service.At the same time,enterpriese should also attention that the too low price will cuase the consumers doubt. Promotion should to keep the positioning.
The timing of the promotion should be suitable
The  timing of the promotion should be keep within a time of resignation.It is not as long as possible.It is important,the long cycle of office supplies promotion will reduce the consumers to buy.About 10 or 15 days will be better.
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