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Analyse the office stationery trend,what kinds of development will be facing?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-05

With the arrival of busy season,especially in the office stationery market.However the competition is in brand product instead of price war.As we known,there is shortage resources since into the 21st century.And the stationery cost also rising.In recenet years,there were litter profits room for almost stationery manufacturers after a few years of price comepetition.

The rising cost make the enterprise at a loss business.So create brand,develop high and difficulty new products,target the higher profit margins is become the inevitable choice for office supplier.At present,most of new proroduct which are produced by stationery factories are only changed the outside on old product.It made there was many new products in the office stationery market and looks prosperous but nothing in face.

Currently, office stationery still facing the blind increase,there are so much problems such as apperaed many new enterprise and the keen competition in production,and lack of innovation.As there is the broad market but current office stationery industry has not yet been mature and the specifications,it is provide many survive space for the smalll enterprises.

However,with the more and more fierce competition and the high cost of raw material.Some of manufacturers are to use the inferior raw material,to reduce the quality and without any guarantee to the product's qulaity.Although there isn't as intense as pass in competition price,it is still in the market.Most of stationery enterprise wants to gain benefit from home and abroad market in low price.It just comfort themselves with fantasy .

How to keep the healthy development for stationery?It must be controlled from the source of the market and going to the high-end enterprise.To improve the production discipline,make the strictly control of the raw materials and notice if it is environmental protection or not.Through the hard work in innvotion,only that can realize the sustainable development.

The stationery brand marketing is getting higher and higher from the stationery sales,brand to the service,including the culture and the life style.Under the such situation,stationery product should be changed,to suit to the choose of market.And the office supplies should toward to the high efficiency and functional.

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