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How to act well as a "supporting role" for stationery enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-19


          There are so many brands in the stationery market, although there is no monopolistic brand, but still so many famous stationery brands.In the fierce market competition, large and medium-sized stationery brand occupies a lot of resources in the market, so this is their advantage.But it doesn't mean there is no living space for little brands .



           Positioning and target market of stationery products


           As the saying goes, "big means complete, small means special",it is the same for stationery products,development of small brands is a long process , no one can be successful overnight, so that small stationery brand should have a more clear positioning of their products, try to get the product to segment,and do fine designed, make products be different from the characteristics of the famous brand's products, so as to let the product have a selling points,and  to be competitive.Of course they can't just to do the unique product , in order to develop, in addition to have a accurate product positioning ,we should consistently do well in the quality and service to attract the repeat customers,and  also can absorb more customer resources.Finding a target market is the premise of market segment.In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, good baby is the best in the children's industry, while it does not necessarily have a bigger development in the market of adult medicine , so it is the important to look for a good target market.


          Small "supporting role" is going to sing "drama"


          With the development of the stationery industry, more and more business opportunities stand before stationery stores.There are big brand and also small brands to singing in a supporting role, we have a general recognition that small brands must with low quality, and big brand represents good quality, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, the enterprise can't ignore the quality due to this this awareness of the market .Actually small brands can do well in product quality, and increasing investment to the view of technology research and development, so it suggests that small brands have big core competitiveness.Not only will not be pushed out of the market, but have more opportunities than the big brands in the market .


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