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Situation of rural education gets better ,office stationery have huge consumption potential

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-11


         At present, stationery enterprises in China are facing a more complex situation of foreign trade.Demand of international market is still growing slowly, and the export enterprises will face with the more prominent of shortage of demand, competition and trade friction .This will form the market reversed transmission mechanism, so it is very important for enterprise to  transform and upgrading.Therefore, it is the center of gravity to develop the domestic consumer market ,and especially the stationery brand .



        Apart from  the huge consumer groups of 8 million companies, 200 million students, and government organs at all levels .The development of the society request to further strengthen the quality of national culture education , because the increasing education investment , the stationery industry has a very broad consumer market.Although the weak situation of rural education  is still outstanding, but overall, the trend of rural education development  is good. The gross enrollment ratio of the first three Grade complete the education plan for the proposed development goals by 2015, 4 years earlier.The future rural preschool education in China is rising.


       Survey results show that 93.4% of sales in the 614 sample companies  come from the domestic market.In recent years, through the continuous adjustment of the industry , sale in domestic market is constantly changing, consumption of stationery sports and entertainment products has grew by an average of more than 15%.The domestic market will continue to play a role in stationery industry.China stationery has the most complete industrial chain, the most skilled workers and advanced production equipment, but our brand can't stand out in the world.At present, our stationery brand mainly focus on mid-range, those soft power to support for high-end brand development  is not strong.The brand system is not sound, characteristic is not prominent, homogenized competition is obvious, and  ability of sustainable development is weak.With the growing of domestic consumer market , more and more stationery manufacturers start to expand the domestic sales channels, establish brand stationery.


         However, stationery manufacturing industry is faced with many crises.Design strength of manufacturing research and development is weak, lack of talent; High-quality workforce is on the decline, big can't timely delivery,and small orders are insufficient;The independent innovation ability of stationery export manufacturers is poor,and lack of core competitiveness;Brand awareness is not enough, the market influence is very weak.Marketing team strength is insufficient, the ability of market development is limited. Experts said, at the enterprise level, we should increase the intensity of innovation, improve the brand content of science and technology, culture, then to build up a industrial chain of design and  channels for the center with brand, to enhance the overall competitiveness of the independent brand.At the industry level, we should strive to build the brand construction system of three-dimensional, linkage, function with complementary ,then,promote the development of domestic stationery brand.


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