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Animals world: LPS 9601 little bear and cute frog with 10 m correction tape

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-25


           As the changing popular element of stationery,stationery products have more and more "appearance".From the flowers,plants and animals to the theme of green environmental protection, all kinds of new and fresh stationery design attracted us very much.Lepusheng also developed many correction tapes with elegant appearance and excellent quality according to these popular element, now let me show you some correction tapes with the theme of small animal:



          Lively ,lovely Bear and frog appear on the correction tapes, the simple and honest bear and the lively frogs are so cute that you must like them.Apart from this,it can be more comfortable with the classical belt of 10 m when you using it.



          Small animals correction tape gather from the lovely and intresting modeling which are loved by the primary and middle school students,then to attract more students.This kind of correction tape are in classical styling,adaptive size, and also can make you feel comfortable and use longer with the big volume.



           Two kinds of colors can foil the theme,and it has the elaborate design that make the cardboard be a bookmark,of course it will be more popular with more functions.



           LPS 9601 little bear and cute frog with10 m correction tape.See?There are lively, lovely Bear and frog appear on the correction tape,and the correction effect is perfect, there is also a complimentary bookmarks on the cardboard.Come on, it must be worth buying.


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