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How to change China stationery export foreign trade?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-13

China is the large stationery manufacturing country in the world.Stationery industry is a part of national economy in our country.It is one of main industry in China foreign trade.It is play an important role in the increasing of economic,solving the domestic employment, increase export.It is face on the extensive and complex competition while going to the development opportunities.

Stationery enterprises are facing the challenges such as low-end  global industrial chain,shorter and shorter profits room,increasing trade frictions,devalued dollar and weak in exporting market.And the rising cost and lower production in resources,environment and so on.

Under such a background, there are many stationery exporting enterprise influenced by these factors.So that it is necessary to make a comprehensive analysis and judgment of export competitiveness for China's stationery products.Which ensure improve the development of China stationery export.

First,ensure the supply of raw materials and energy,saving energy and reducing consumption. There is the common important problem of stationery manufacturing and export,it is the supply of raw materials.It should be esblish the perfect  raw material production and circulation for China stationery manufacturers and exporting enterprise then to keep the enough energy and raw material supply.It is needs a own fixed suppliers and do well in the training work,to improve the enthusiasm and initiative of overall.

Second, expent the diversified export markets. Enterprise should expend the new market actively insteat of the individual markets.To attention the research and the international market trend timely.To expend the new market basis of the existing market.Besides the European and American countries,to expand the other  international markets. It is good for to reduce the over dependence of  existing export market and reduce the risk of market concentration.Then to improve the export competitiveness in the international market.

Third,optimize the product structure then to improve the added value of products.With the development of cience and technology, stationery has been to the capital and technology intensive industries from labor-intensive industries.Enterprise should  increase investment in scientific research such as introduce the foreign advanced equipment then to improve the production level and the allover quality.

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