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Innovation stationery deisgn suit to gift market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-01

In the age of innvation,it is equivalent to stifle the development of the industry if without innvoation consciousness.For the stationery industry which constantly creation.There are more and more stationery products with the creative elements.


Nowadays,there are more and more creation element be used in the office supplies in the homogeneity market.They with the  humanized functions,fashionable appearance,look like art.It is colse to the idea of gifts market.he appearance of the correction tape is no longer inflexible,it is more colorful and multiple.There are pretty clothes for the books.Mini stationery is more mini,just like a key ring.Under the impetus of the gift market ,stationery also more humane,fashionable and became the choice of gift market.
The practical function has always been the first condition of choosing gifts.The gifs played no role,it is lost the meaning of this gift.So, in recent years, stationery products with the good packing,different kinds,functionality and reasonable price.It is not only the helper for work, it is the good gifts for the friends.Strong practicability and stationery set suit to the demand of modern life.
There is the long-term gift culture in China.And the huge gift market in China.To expand the gifts market, the enterprises should know that,it is necessary to creat the own brand if want to open the domestic market.There are three problems in China stationery brand.One,The brand connotation,although there are many kind of stationery brand,it is locking the brand support.Two,lacking the support from cities and enterprises.Three,lacking the professional, consistency and innovative.
Gift market is one of unlimited potential market.Stationery products develop to the gift market,it is the upgrades for stationery.After stable  the brand strength and the production,gifts development is good for stationery.
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