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To deal with the change of stationery industrychannels carefully

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-08

With the improve of the production and the stationery production technology progress,the industry scale of the stationery industry will be rewritten:In 2013,stationery industry channels change will accelerate developing,onlien shopping also changing the traditional retail model.How to make the sales channel more flattening?

To adjust the channel model is according to the maturity of the marekt.Channel model can't be extended or shortened according to the degree of competition or the cost needs by stationery manufacturers.It is changing as the maturity degree of market and channel.

As we known,there is different in the management and cost of the stationery brand in differenet areas.For example,there is the large procure in the north-west but less people.However the secondary and tertiary market is very weak.It will spend a lot of cost if required the manufacturer to manage by self.But if there is one or two distributor in the city.It can reduct the costs.
It is thus clear that it is hard to manage the such regions by the stationery manufacturers, So that those regions has lack of the channel to make flattening.

At the same time,the falattening channel has the high requiremnet of enterprise internal conditions. First of all,to choose the flattening channel mode needs a lot of support in money,manpower and material resources.Second, flattening channel mode als needs the fully survey and layout for market in the short time.Third,the enterprise also needs the ability to circumvent and risk.Otherwise,the enterprise will face the great pressure once the capital chain broken.

It should to facing the problem of the modify existing channels if the traditional stationery enterprise wants to turn into the flattening model.For enterprises and old products, channels falttening involves numerous vested interests of agents and distributors.And the products should be sales rely on them.So that the channel flat can not  rush and blind.To ignore the present situation of the channel and reduce the intermediate links and agents.It will cuase the big mistake.

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