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Talk about the development trend of stationery manufacturers in the future

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-04


           In recent years,stationery manufacturers not only provide consumers with more and more different kinds of stationery to increase the choice of the market.It will also push forward the whole stationery industry to develop in the future.So,what kind of development trend will the stationery manufacturers face with in the future?



          The cost is significantly increasing


          Affected by the change of the pattern of labor supply and demand, in recent years labor costs in our country rose sharply, particularly the low labor wages.With the accelerating urbanization and large-scale money,the house prices, land prices rose sharply,then push up the productional and business cost of the real economy department.With potential growth and the future development of phase transformation, the expected investment and earnings will change,too, bank risk awareness will rise, and the financial costs of the enterprise will also increase.


          Integration with the producer services


          Generally speaking, capital and technology intensive industry relies more on knowledge-intensive producer services of communication services, business services, finance, insurance, technology research and development, and the labor-intensive manufacturing depend more on transportation warehousing traditional producer services.Therefore, as it upgrading from labor-intensive to capital and technology intensive industrial, scientific research and service, communication services, finance, insurance, business services inputs more in the manufacturering, while the transportation and  warehousing are falling in manufacturing investment. 


           Pressure from "non-made in China"


           When the problems of the rising labor cost and the lack of producer services development poses challenges for manufacturing upgrade.From the current data we can see that the alignment between China and the international experience is higher,but the rising labor costs and the shortage of producer services development also poses challenges to the stationery manufacturing upgrade.     


           Since the reform of the RMB exchange rate regime, the rising RMB exchange rate is obvious.In the case of the yuan against the dollar rising sharply,  the currency depreciations would have been obvious in Vietnam, India, Mexico, South Korea and other countries,greatly improve the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in these countries, "non-made in China".is rising,too.Thus it can not be ignored for polyhedral competition.


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