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Marketing and channel are two magic of stationery enterprise

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-18

There are so many people mention the transformation and upgrading in the industry.During the period of transition,stationery enterprise needs to innovation and complete the channel coustruction.Marketing and channel, are the two legs for the enterprise,lack of either,it will hinder the development of enterprises.

Channels distribution can't be replace

At the beginning of the development,stationery manufacturers only to develop by themselves,to employ the saler to pomote they product then achieve the purpose of selling.It is very effective under the less enterprises.But with the development of stationery industry,competition also increasingly fierce.In order to improve the sales,to cooperation with other businessman then share the profits.It is the most common model for stationery distribution agency at present.

At present, the power or influence stationery company,using its own brand advantage and do well in the market research and product development.To seek the right dealer according to the market.It is no only save the sales cost,but also allocated the pressure to the dealer.And the dealer also become the important sales chaanels for the enterprise.

 Marketing need diversify

The insider think that marketing is the basic strategies and methods.Only to effectively sell out the product than to take the profit.Due to the development of industry,there are the more and more intense competition between enterprises.And use the different marketing will cause the different ending.So,modern marketing has a decisive influence on the development of stationery brand merchants.

Now,marketing is no only to combine with the product,but also put into its own corporate culture,status and other factors.It is undeniable that to become a big brand,use the superstar as bigger as better.

The influential media always has the obvious effect and  famous.And the professional media is more targeted.Most of stationery enterprise consider to do the marketing in industry media.To some extent,there is the immediate effect.

In addition, there are more and more activities such as press conferences, product launches, product display, product trial and so on.Many stationery enterprise to actively adopt various ways to promotion the products.

Enterprise as a whole, its development is not only for product quality,but laso constantly excavate the market demand, to expend the marketing and the channels.So that,marketing and channels are  two magic of stationery enterprise.Only to keep them and make the development.

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