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Tangjun Takes Lecture Of Business Intelligence,Lepusheng to be the designated pen unit

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-03

      There is a thousands Forum organized by Shantou Enterprise Management Consultants Ltd. and Guangzhou Ding layer Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. on the topic of  "business intelligence"  on February 27, 2014 held at the Dihao Hotel.  To be the designated pen units, Lepusheng stationery uphold the "quality" aims to provide comfortable and natural writing experience for all the guests attending. 


      At the forum ,the host invite  the current auditorium speech teacher - "the king of workers"Tang with out  "the emperor lucky" .  As a Chinese professional managers Tang Jun is the  president of Microsoft China. Tang Jun is the only one who has received Microsoft's Bill Gates Outstanding Achievement Award in the history for two times. And then to be the president of  Shengda Interactive Entertainment company.Then helped Shengda Company successfully listed  in the Nasdaq United States grand. He is  known as the first Chinese capital . 
      Teacher Tang said  " Shantou friends here today are quite tasteful,"  Boast all the Shantou  guests  audience , decently reveal the humor  to the confidence.  This gas field through this forum, and to share  the "business intelligence" with everyone ,we  share his interpretation of business intelligence, political wisdom, and even diplomatic wisdom in his one by one story.   And it's also a business for Shantou entrepreneurs to examine their own situation, analyze the feasibility of whether there is opportunity for capital operation .
       A lot of "fans" of Tang Jun  are attracted to listen and learn from the workplace sublimation growth, tricks of profitable enterprise transformation . This was  a thousands forum, but  actually there were more than 1500 people attended ,some of Shantou major entrepreneurs were  sitting or standing there, so it is obviously  we can see the value of the General Assembly . As we all know,  Shantou area is an important base of China stationery industry from where the export of "Made in China" stationery is countless.  Lepusheng stationery to be the designated pen units,  have gained  the trust and recognition of many stationery manufacturers with their own strength in the Assembly . In the past few years, Lepusheng also become the designated pen units of the eastern Summit for eight  times. To be  popular with lots of forums is a testament of  healthy development to Lepusheng. In the future development, Lepusheng stationery will always adhere to the quality production design and fight for the healthy development of Shantou stationery industry . 
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