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Export trend of office supplies from the Canton fair

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-07


Ending on November 4, the 114th Canton fair has officially colosed in Pazhou hall,Guangzhou.Canton fair has been described as a barometer of China's foreign trade, same for stationery industry.Data shows that there are more than 189646 purchaser from  212 countries (regions),the number is less that 113th by 6.5% but higher that 112th by 0.1%.It is keep the stable for purchases.Besides the slow recovery,the more and more sales ways also made the Canton fair hand over a disappointing report card.
Slow recovery for export trade
The slow recovery of developed countries, slowing growth in emerging markets are heralding the instability of the exporting.At the same time,because of the RMB appreciation and the rising labor costs are made the price of stationery is higher and higher.Office supplies is belongs to the labor-intensive industries.The labor costs is so important for its development.The stationery enterprise have face more text without the low cost advantage.
Rapid development of electronic commerce
E-commerce and other new types of trade brought new growth point for foeign trade.It is very useful for the transformation.The total views of online page is more that 538098 tims during the 114th Canton fair.It is higher than 22 times then before.The rapid development of e-commerce has the more and more obvious for the fair.The purchaser seldom directly not play a order at the fair, they known the stationery suppliers through the Internet and meet them at the fair,to know more about them,then to play order.It is make the Canton fair from the traditional trading platform turn to a diplay platform.
In foreign trade,e-commerce is expected to play an increasingly important role. Buyer don't need to meet sellers,they can play order,payment online.So that the traditional enterprises should to explore and combined with the way betweet online and offline.
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