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Pay attention to brand and deisgn in office stationery development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-21


Stationery indsutry is developing rapidly in China.And China also the biggest stationery manufacturer and consumption.However,lacking of famous brand and the high inventories are affects the development of China stationery industry.Always copy and never beyond.The OEM prouction for many years made the stationery been to the industry bottlenecks, and how to find the way to healthy growth in  fierce competition market is the key for stationery suppliers.
Attaches great importance to the brand construction
Although China is the world's stationery export country,there is none of famous stationery brand in international market.It was cuased by the long-term OEM production.Mature proudction technology attracted a lot of foreign investor.And most of foreign brand enjoying the great reputation to and sell well in the international.So,the effect of stationery brand is the major influence of stationery market. 
Attaches great importance to the design and development 
Design and development is the foundation of successful brand, to build a successful brand,it  is need much service and operations including production,marketing,service and so on.Lacking R&D proudcts and innovation make the brand lack of feature.Only to take the design into the product,improve the added value of products and to improve the customer dependence.To inject the popular element into the design that to make the transformation and upgrade.
Develop impetus brand construction.It is the production idea for Lepusheng stationery.Only the novel stationery can attract visiter and make the stationery brand.Therefore,basides the product design and the appearance, the innovaiton of stationery product is the developing way for Lepusheng stationery.
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