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Guidelines for the new term: necessary safety knowledge for stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-27


          Summer vacation has gradually got into an end, all of the big schools have opened.And all of the parents are busy buying new stationery products for their children,so that a  peak period comes to the stationery market.When facing with the diversified and exquisite stationery,then what is right to choose a stationery?Lepusheng reminds you, to choose and buy stationery in safety:



          Don't love the fancy stationery too much


          As the development of students stationery products,most stationery products has inject more and more popular element.Parents parents don't have to worry too much about the childrens' love for popular stationery.But they should not ignore them,too.Those beautiful stationery often have a colorful layer of paint on the surface, some students have the habit of biting when using the stationery.The lead which hidden in the paint of the surface is toxic, is easy to get into the body through these behaviors, produce chronic lead damage to the body.Therefore, when using the students stationery which has bright colors,we shoule prevent the habit of biting the stationery.


         Double shoulder bag is more beneficial to the spine


         It is a very common phenomenon that children have a heavy schoolwork, to choose bag before the new term is very necessary.Some parents will choose bag with a pull rod device, so that even with more books it will not bring heavy to the child.To those children who have to wear backpacks for a long time, then double shoulder bag is rather good than the fashional single shoulder backpack . Orthopaedic yong-qing wang said, if wear the single shoulder bag for a long time but never change to another side, then it is very dangerous to the for teenagers who are not developed completely, and it is easy to cause scoliosis, induced asymmetry for the development of the shoulder.


          Take the metal and portable kettle as the first choice


          Some children will carefully select  a pretty kettle for themselves before the new term, so as to carry in the future.If you want to use the kettle place hot water,then it is best to use the qualified products with metal or glass tank.On the choice of plastic water bottle, also should look clearly about the introduction.Some children think it is easy to repeated use water bottles or carbonated beverage bottle, but it is very dangerous.Plastic packaging on mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle always printed with "PET polyethylene terephthalate (code 1)" . This logo said the bottle cannot be used with hot water cycle, because this material only can suffer 70 ℃ heat, only suitable for the warm drink or beverage, it is easy to out of shape with high temperature liquid or heating water, then let the dissolution of harmful substances to human body.Also, studies have found that when used this this kind of plastic products over and over again after more than 10 months, maybe it will release carcinogens DEHP,it is toxic to the human body.In addition, the common plastic kettle, space cup body always appears on the identity of the "PC code (7)", it means it is unfavorable to use for the hot water, do not heat, not in the sun,because the plastic can release  toxic substances of bisphenol A easily under high temperature,it is harmful to human's body.


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