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Strong brand is the core competitiveness for stationery market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-11


Under such serious homogeneity market,the quality of competition is brand competition.There are two aspects for the strong brand.On one hand,it is the broad brand recognition.On the other hand,it is the powerful centripetal force of the brand.
There are contains two part in the recongnition,one is the brand in local stationery market;and the other one is the popularity for the factories.The brand of stationery enterprises need be publicity by the advertising media and marketing activities.
A powerful brand centripetal force is affecting the purchase habit of consumers.Just like we think the Coca-Cola when we thirst.The  the Frankfurt Fair and Canton fair for stationery industry.It is a kind of puchase habit.
The formation of brand loyalty for consumers must be formed within three to five years.So that the advertisement for construction of brand loyalty.
What is the key for the brand centripetal force?The key points of stationery is the advantage of stationery suppliers.For example,Beijing Yongwai city as the stationery professional wholesale base,there are about  thousands of manufacturers office from all over the country.And thousands of office supplies.There are different level of stationery manufacturers.It can meed the demand of all.
Although China has become the world's stationery manufacturing base,most of our stationeries still without famout brand.There is the large gap between Germany,South Korea,Japan and so on.The competitive advatages still in the low price for China.But, we can not always do the OEM production,it is necessary to upgradethe proudcts then to meet the market demand.In recent years,there are more and more developed countries put the product processing in China.Because we have the high level in office stationery production.However,we lacking the brand consciousness.A brand can play the big role in the international market growth.
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