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Office stationery should improve the brand marketing consciousness

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-30

With the improving of office supplies there are more and more purchaser are not only attention to the price,quality and after service of products,the more atention to the brand reputation and business reputation.

It will getting to the disadvantage position in competition market if stayed in the past management idea.Or will be eliminated by the market.It is no doubt that office stationery are getting to the ear of brand marketing.

China has became the biggest stationery proudcts consumer market in the world.Most of domestic stationery brand has the good performance and quality prouction,even more than the foreign brands. However,the foreign brand almost monopolized the high-end market in China through the stong capital.Besides the reason of history.The lack of brand awareness is the important point.
High qulity with low price is the common business phiosophy of many  small and medium-sized enterprise.Some stationery manufacturers fully use the promotion to attract customers to buy.Some promote price is lower than the production cost in the more and more fierce competitive market.But brand is not equal to the sales.

The current biggest myth in office stationery is that the enterprise is the brand.There are many companies think that the good products and big factory is the big brand.So that they put the majority of reasources into the spcific like land or production equipment instead of do the brand marketing.

Brand is an effective tool of enteprise competition.It also the tool to realize the enterprise value.Position is the first  problem of brand operation.It also the problem of enterprise future development.Facts  have proven that there is not the enterprise and brand can cover all the field.Only the accurate stationery brand can cognition and choice by consumers in the overflow information and overflow products.

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