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Stationery manufacturers needs chang as the consumers demand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-19

It is understood that the domestic stationery products has entered the adjustment and upgrade period.Besides keep the market share,there are many enterprise has made the next point to the quality and efficiency.How to improve the quality then get more benefit form market is the pervasive problem for the each office suppliers.

The past simple with the quantity expansion route is no longer suit to the current consumption habits.As the people who borned after 1980 and 1990,became the main consumer groups.These kind of consumers made the value became the key of industry production.It remind that we can't blindly produce and ignoring the market  environment.

The fashion stationery and popular stationery concept instead of the concept of durable stationry.It is the embodiment of the rising demand for stationery enterprise.It also the market demand.However,to catch the such opportunity in the fierce market competition,it should to increases the research and development ,and do well in the design.

Fashion statinery can get the widely welcome is not separated with production design.The stationery industry was stand the severe test in recent years.It also the headest years.Although the receding of the financial tsunam but aftershock.

To provide an overview of the over twenty years development history of China stationery industry.It is showing the diversity since began.Stationery manufacturing industry has went through the probationary period of industry  transformation and upgrade.With the development of the e-commerce,it also make a new subject for traditional sales channels.

In the future development,the enterprise should to improve the culture brand reputation.Give on to do the depth analysis that to mobilize the enthusiasm of consumers.It is a key to keep the strong vitality for an enterprise.

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