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Detail management would bring the popularity

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-23

Stationery industry is a low threshold industry, it is easy to entered.But it is difficult to run a stationery shop.How to operate a popular and profitable stationery shop?Besides the shopkeeper should keep the good attitude, and also need pay attention to the following details:

Clean display

With the changing of the fashion,there are appeared more and more "clothes" for student stationery.Many students stationery no longer the past simple mode,there are no only integrates the fashion element,but also look like a toys.In this case, the product needs to be separated display for the student to find it easy.Office stationery also be noticed a lot at the display.There are many office stationery with fashion element and in the high price.In addition to make a clear distinction with student stationery.They always be display on the clean product shelves.

Convenient for take

The unsalable stationery would be happen in the sales whethere for new store owner or veteran.In order to coordinate the new product promotion of stationery factory.,the new products usually would be put  in the conspicuous position to attracte the consumer in short time.And the unsalable stationery always be display in the bottom of shelvers or  high above.The shopkeeper should also pay  attention to whethe too high to make the customer get the product.It requires the shopkeeper make the reasonable design in store.

Do well in service

Usually,there are two member of a small stationery store.It is no problem in the ordinary day but busy in the festival day or new semester.At those time,it will be very busy for the store.But the fine service is need.It is the key reason to keep the customers.

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