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Five developing trends in stationery channels

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-29

In the stationery market, traditional channels are still play a major role, especially it is leading in the second and third market.But there were some stationery agent has been got to the channel flattening with some new shopping malls and supermarket.The large distributors also establish their own brand and display the trand to against with the retail enterprise.

The insiders thinks that there are five trends of office supplies line in the future.Including:scale,diversified,modern,centralization and internationalization.

Scale. After many years of development,stationery industry has been to the forefront in the world, it is not only gained the bettereconmic benefits but also became the leading in the world.China is getting to one of the biggest stationery processing manufacturer and exporter in the world.It has the broad market and power consumption.Therefore,China stationery will be development within a big scale.

Diversification.There are the large and small size stationery wholesale market ,comperhensive and feasible stationery wholesale market  in the current China.There are cooperation with each other.And make the reasonable display,they have the complete proudcts type and the smooth logistics.

Modern.With the developing of the emerging channels,stationery manufacturing should to make the new position for the traditional agents and distributors.The moderm e-commerce has become the mainstream of the future development.

Centralization. The domestic stationery market in China are in the following places like Zhejiang,Jiansu,Shanghai,Guangdong and so on.And the most  prominent of them are the Zhenjian and Guangdong.To extablish the stationery business circle is good for to expand the market share and improve the economy of regional.It is the great significance of further development.

Internationalization. In recent years, The international trade of China stationery supplies are getting more and more high,Low price is the best important reason to get the such big market share.At the same time,the world stationery manufacturing is acceleratiing to the developing countries in recent years.

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