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Lepusheng analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of individualized stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-17


          When we visit the market, it is easy to see that now there are a variety of individualized students stationery in the market.But the most striking is the stationery products in peculiar modelling with "technology" ,for many children, the latest and fancy stationery is their favorite.Because of the rising economic level, students stationery market is becoming more and more prosperous, when choosing stationery products for their children, young parents after 80 will pay more attention to the style of the products and the personalized appearance, driven by the youth fashion, the individualized stationery became the theme of student stationery market.



         But  individualized stationery is difficult to be accepted by part of the parent and teacher, although individual and creative stationery gradually occupied the traditional market, but they still can't accept these expensive stationery.Some parents think that stationery itself is the children's consumables, to it is not worth buying such stationery in a high price.In addition, teachers also advocated to use  simple and practical stationery.So whether it is good or bad of the individualized stationery ?


         There is dispute about the individualized stationery,Lepusheng thinks it is no doubt that individualied stationery make them confused,parts of the parent and teachers said, in order to make the stationery more attractive,many stationery manufacturers will do lots of work on it,so that the cost will increase,too!And make them be more expensive than ordinary stationery.In addition, the primary school students have bad self-control ability, so that they must often prone to play with the stationery in class, then be distracted, so that it will affect the quality of class.At the same time, they are afraid of the blind comparison between the children.


         Although the existence of the fashionable stationery is controversial, it also has a good side.Individualized stationery is the trend of the times, existence is reasonable, each age has characteristics of each era, through the little change of the stationery products,it can be easy to see that how the information element influence on our lives,just because of these changes, our life become colorful,so that it is unwise to reject the the existence of new style stationery.

         In fact, as long as the parents guide properly, these individualized stationery will have a good effect on children's interests.From a scientific perspective,once  the child is interested in some kind of stationery,he will contact with it very often.And  the final feature of the stationery is auxiliary to the learning for children.So usually play with these stationery, from a level,it will increase their interest in learning.In other words, these new stationery can develop children's intelligence,so it is not do more harm than good to the children's learning.


          In the long development,it also blended in the demand of stationery industry , they understand the pushy mentality of parents, those produced stationery arises at the historic moment can not only meet the needs of the parents but also promote the interests for students' learning, so it is good  to accept these individualized stationery.


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