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Keep three point that to run your stationery shop better

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-14

There is not the absence of stationery products,but the lack of market.If the office manufacturer want to make the better business, It is needs to produce the stationery  that the market really wants,and promote those stationery.Only by combining products and services can make the bussiness well. And need to remember the following three point.


Provide satisfactory service


As the service attitude is the first impression to the customer,it play a decisive factor of sale.So,it is very important of service.Besides some necessary training for the selling,the appetency of shop assistants also importent.It would affected the sales if shop assistants couldn't served with kindly and patience.


There are some details points call leave a nice impression for customers,such as say hello to every buyers and introduce warmly,to provide help selecting and packing well.All of this is very good for the business of staionery shop.


Suitable price of stationery


Stationery price to consumers is a sensitive topic, a lot of shopkeepers are not willing to disclose exact figures.The data form the statineory wholesale market that appear new stationery general can profiti at 20% to 30%.Of course,this number may be adjust slightly by  influence of the factors such as shop rent.but basically belongs to the guild regulations.Price always work out within the consumption level of market.But most stationery supplier are pay more attiention to the bargaining,instead of the communication with customers.


Timely promotion


There are many stationery suppliers will ruduce the price or make a discount to persuade customers into purchasing in the fierce competition.Excellent stationery suppliers kunowing the profit is rooted in the customer's satisfaction.They carry out fair pricing principle and make some timely promotion within the sutiable price.And to provide the qulity guarantee.It is the important symbol for the stationery store which  timely sale.


Although the stationery shop competition has always been very fierce,there are hundreds of excellent stationery suppliers still can profit.Which all because of they can respect to the customer and flexible to business so that to make the business successful.


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