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Lepusheng Stationery Analyze Several Drawback During the Industry Competition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-01

There is no doubt that stationery industry in China have large gaps comparing with the famous enterprise in the world.Such as Product Research, Innovation,Brand Management, Marketing Management, Enterprise Scale, Capital Strength etc.


Lack of brand competition

Most of stationery products produced by export enterprises are lack of brand competition.Most of them are OEM pattern,without have their own brand.Even some enterprise are as agents of the foreign products.This kind of enterprise which rely on labor intensive are lack of brand consciousness or brand awareness limited.Due to the domestic stationery factories threshold is lower,the cost and product is similar,so most of them lack of competitiveness in the market and can't gain advantage.With the continuous development of stationery industry,those enterprise which rely on labor intensive will gradually be replaced by the science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises,then build their own brand,take the road of brand to success.With this,Stationery enterprise can take the road to mature gradually in China, and become more competitive in the world,not longer simply is OEM.


Lack of Sales Channels

Stationery in China enterprise some sale channels are blocked, just the traditional way.But now is the network era, network marketing was gradually adopted by large enterprise,but the medium-sized and small enterprise can't catch the step.Of course,there have some examples that they make can make money depend on their several old customers.But closed channel have already caused that they originally can make many new customers opportunities was lost. If the domestic environment development change,the raw material increasing,the medium-sized and small enterprise will be the most vulnerable.So expand sales channels to build, will be necessary for the medium-sized and small enterprise to run in the road of development.

Customer demand different


Firstly, different customer have different buying habits and valued factors.What the export stationery factory faced is either agent or traders ,brokers,or OEM Production for foreign companies.They pay more attention to factors such as cost, quality stability etc.The domestic market customers in addition to the dealer, most of them are directly customer,.They attached importance to the stationery brand, product value, product style and factors such as price.Secondly is followed by different levels of consumer demand.Consumer demand are closely connected with the level of economic development.In the developed countries market, the levels of consumer demand is more higher.Reform and opening up is already nearly 30 years,but our country's regional economic development is not balanced, therefore, demand level is also different.The first-tier cities and developed area in Eastern is higher than the second and third cities and Midwest Region for demand level So, relevant industry should be paid attention to.


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