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Lack of innovation caused copyed stationery popular

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-25

The copy products of China traditional manufacturing is not only push up the production.It has became one of industrial chain of manufacturing in sales market and took a certain market share.It also popular in the China stationery market.

How to copy stationery or make high imitation stationery? Steal technology,find the drawings?It has been out time.China as the world world's workshop,there is no problems in raw material,technology.They can copy the products through the picture and known the adopted technology and materials.And even can diplays on the market after 3 months of original  proudcts.

There are many years of history for China stationery industry.In the coastal regions with prosperity stationery production.It is not only have low price,various kinds of stationery,but also have complex craft and copy cat.The imitation technology is very mature in domestic.

Lack of innovation is the root cause why do not make a own brand by they technology? China has learned the lifelike imitation technology nearly 10 years in OEM prouction.With repeated production but without any innovation.Brand construction need innovation.The protection of intellectual property rights will limit their unscrupulous plagiarism.To develop a new technology is not its advantages.

Copy is one of part of our life.Besides the immdiate profits,lack of the strict supervision mechanism is the main reason.This kind of stationery usually has hinted its origin and the consumer often don not care about it.In the European and American countries,there are some complete set of legal values supply so that a litter copy cat here.

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