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Don't Let "020" Become The "Emperor's New Clothes"of Stationery Selling Online

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-06

         With the development of e-commerce , more and more stationery consumers can enjoy the convenience of shopping online . Once the behavior patterns of consumers changed , it will make more and more traditional stationery suppliers start their road of selling online . However , only the development of network   has been unable to meet the need of traditional stationery manufacturers, but  how to combine  with conventional ground business has became the new problem that  stationery supplier considered.

          The combination of online and offline sales is often said that the O2O sales model.  O2O , its full name is  online to offline, and it is  also known as e-commerce online and offline, different from the traditional B2C, B2B, C2C e-commerce model. But in simple terms, O2O is a combination of online and offline with each other and supplements to make up for their shortcomings.   O2O mode is an abutment relationship. Many people mistakenly understood as a platform and a traditional industry into the mobile's threshold.

           Many stationery electricity supplier think that the Internet has changed our lives,  therefore they  want to carry out radical Internet sales. However , to  immediately use  the Internet to change the business model is not so easy. Sometimes because  of  the flow line to show the ceiling,  the increasing sales of the offline  business is not satisfactory, and also the  trends  of electricity supplier ,business online  will envy  the offline,but  to the contrary  ,the business offline which have a pragmatic basis  also will envy the online market  .  Moreover, the smart technology is  making  this pace rapider, and a variety of mobile port reduces the  threshold of O2O mode .  Nevertheless those who successfully  do mobile Internet is  not necessarily understand the meaning of O2O.

         Because it is not the Internet industry, the traditional stationery industry  which want to join the net  must have a process of understanding it . Once this simple thing  is deified, it  will deviate from the essence . In the industry, it seems just like "The Emperor's New Clothes."  No matter which  entrance is , O2Ois just  a model .And  what the important thing is our quality of products and  our upgrading  service. Think about the real contact online and offline ,and combining  with two-win benefits, pragmatic basis is very essential.

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