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The optimized supply chain make obvious effect of stationery enterprise upgrade

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-19

It is easy to found that there are many stationery enterprise make the improvement and optimize supply chain as a part of he upgrade transformation. After such challenges such as low-price war,high inventory and the increasingly fierce in industry.Consumer are getting to the personalized and diversified.And the stationery manufacturer turn the big scale production to the small.

Small production meet the demand of industrial development

The more personalized of consumer demand,the more obvious the trend of diversity, personality and small custom production in the stationery production.However,small and coustom stationery production also bring the difficulty to the enterprise supply chain.During the strength supply system,stationery brand need to follows the target consumption group timely and do the change in the production planning.

It is difficult to break the standardization production in the short time.So that the supply chain need form a whole in including the initial orders,add orders information,the feedback supply information and the suppliers,manufacturers,distributors and retailers.Then to realize the precision production sales.

Production distribution,logistics needs improved

After increase the speed of production supply chain.It is depends on the distribution link of supply chain whethere the stationery enterpirse can sell to the regional market rapidly or not.In fact,there are many foreign brand have their storage center, to adapt the good quickly and ensure the rapidly circulation.

As there are much different reason make the low development in the logistics such as the low level of domestic transport infrastructure construction,the market environment and the policy factor.It can't follows the development of market.And it also become one of developing end of office supplies.

Attention to the design and sales

The influence,marketing and design of stationery brand are decide the terminal sales during the the process of production.Production chain is established for expand the sales and realize the high-sales.If the chain are not established for meet the cousumer's demand,it is means nothing.Research and design are the  fundamental guarantee of the stationery brand,and the supply chain is the key.Under the low cost,it make the enterprise realize the maximize profits in a short time.

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